About Us

About Us

Global WMC India Private Limited (GWMCIPL) is a dynamic startup founded on October 1, 2020, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and accredited by the Startup India Program of Department of Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

Global WMC India Pvt Ltd stands as a formidable force in the waste management sector, building upon the substantial experience of its predecessor, Waste Management Corporation. The roots of this success story trace back to 2016 when the venture initially operated as the consulting division of Waste Management Corporation in the form of a partnership firm. After a commendable five-year journey, marked by expertise in waste management practices and a commitment to sustainability, the decision was made to elevate the business structure to a private limited entity, leading to the establishment of Global WMC India Pvt Ltd.

The transition included the strategic transfer of the credentials, expertise, and assets of both the waste management and consulting divisions of Waste Management Corporation via a slum sale to Global WMC India Pvt Ltd. This comprehensive transfer ensures the seamless integration of the consulting division's credentials, enabling Global WMC India Pvt Ltd to inherit and augment the established proficiency in waste management consulting services.

The consulting division of Waste Management Corporation had earned notable credentials during its operational tenure, and this transfer solidifies Global WMC India Pvt Ltd's position as a leader in waste management consulting. The company is now equipped with a holistic approach, combining practical experience, innovative solutions, and a dedicated commitment to sustainability. GWMCIPL has a seasoned staff with the competence to provide full turnkey solutions in environmental, waste management, and sanitation.

Striving for excellence, GWMCIPL places a strong emphasis on quality, environmental sustainability, health, safety, and client capacity building. The company holds prestigious ISO certifications – ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001, attesting to our commitment to maintaining international standards.

GWMCIPL states its objective as providing consultative and statutory support services to the government and public companies. We develop creative, sustainable, and scalable solutions based on social, scientific, and technical concepts. Our ultimate purpose is to improve the quality of human existence by providing a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

Key functions and practices of GWMCIPL encompass advisory, consulting, and support services in environment, health, and hygiene. GWMCIPL's expertise extends to project procurement activities, including bid process management, technology sourcing, and overall procurement management. The company efficiently handles project setting, commissioning, operation, management, monitoring, and supervision, ensuring the seamless execution of environmental projects. Emphasizing transparency and efficiency, GWMCIPL conducts regular MIS and operational audits, coupled with risk assessments. The company is not limited to project execution but extends its influence through capacity building, skill development, public consultation, and awareness creation activities.

Operating across seven states – Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Karnataka and Jammu & Kashmir – GWMCIPL has carved a niche with its core competencies. From conceptualizing projects and detailed project report preparation to pre-feasibility analysis, baseline surveys, and comprehensive project-based gap analysis, the company excels in every phase of project development..




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"Comprising seasoned experts in environmental engineering and waste management, our dedicated team is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, ensuring client success in building a greener future."