Providing Advisory and statutory support services!

Our complete environmental and engineering solutions will help you navigate the intricacies of waste management. Our advice and statutory support services guarantee that your actions easily align with legal requirements, resulting in a sustainable and compliant waste management approach.

Strategic Assessment and Planning

Developing tailored strategies that take into account environmental impact, efficiency, and compliance...

Advisory Services and Compliance Guidance

Negotiating the regulatory landscape, ensuring that your actions perfectly correspond with legal standards, supporting compliance and sustainability..

Implementation and Optimization

Implementing a waste management plan with sustainable practices and technologies that can be adated to evolving environmental regulations

We have experience that will assist you with environmental compliance

Applying innovative, sustainable, scalable solutions of social, science and engineering principle

Technology Integration for Efficiency

Leveraging cutting-edge technology using creative solutions that reduce environmental impact and streamline operations.

Educational Outreach and Training Programs

Offering educational outreach and training programs creating a sustainable culture thereby providing information and skills required to actively contribute to good environmental practices.

Services We Are Offering to Our Clients

Empowering our clients towards sustainable and compliant practices.


Project Management Consultancy

We undertake Project Management, Consulting & Implementing Unit roles, which also include role of a Transactional Advisor and Project Operational Monitoring


Independent Project Engineering

We manage, plan, and execute projects, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and sustainable practices.


Waste Audits and Assessments

We undertake Environment Impact Assessment & Compliance Audits, EHS audits of the PPP Projects, Rehabilitation of existing sewerage & storm water drains & network; Operation & Billing Audits etc.,


Regulatory Compliance Support

Providing expert guidance on navigating complex waste management regulations, ensuring your practices adhere to legal requirements and environmental standards.


Capacity Building and Trainings

Empowering officials with the skills and knowledge needed to implement and sustain effective waste management practices, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and compliance.


Sales, Services and Surveillance

We provide IT support; Control Command Centre, Facility Management (Engineering), Drone Surveillances & Geotechnical Analysis